Complete Creative Production for Amore G.N.A.

The Project

  • To design and build a brand new website to showcase the brand as well as build an e-commerce platform for future expansion.
  • To photograph the entire range of wines from Amore for use on social media, website and the shop.
  • Refresh social media channels, including updating branding, graphics and setting up the channels for growth.
  • Put together a social media plan to distribute content on a regular consistent basis.

The Website

The website needed to be easy to use, simple but also include aspects of the Amore brand such as their distinctive font and dark colour scheme.

Amore also asked us to build an e-commerce system into the website for future use as an online store. This was all built into the website during the design process, it can be turned on at any point when ready.

Amore wanted to have a blog that is easy to update themselves when they attend an event or trade show, the team are able to write a post and publish it without involving us at all.

They were also using a gmail address for all emails so we setup and implemented Microsoft 365 email accounts for every team member.

The website can be viewed here.

The Photos

The only photos Amore had available to use were provided to them via the Vineyard in Italy, these didn’t fit the brand very well so we suggested shooting images in the same style as the website. The images were all shot by us in one day.

We also shot some other variants with glasses, pouring wine etc to give a variety of images for use on social media.

Social Media

As part of this project we were also asked to refresh the Facebook and Instagram pages too. This included design fresh graphics and images to be used throughout the channels.

We have now put together social media plan for Amore which is ongoing every week to use the content we have created and distribute it frequently on social media.

The plan is already active and the difference in content can quite clearly be seen!

Are you looking for a similar refresh for your brand? Get in touch today and let’s get talking!

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