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September 18, 2021
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Being Photographers ourselves, we know how important it is to get prints absolutely right, first time. When you’ve worked so hard to capture the perfect shot or create an artistic masterpiece, the printed version should enhance every beautiful detail to perfection.

That’s why we are offering a printing service with the benefit of our experience thrown in. Yes, we can simply receive your image and size requirements and then print it for you, but we would rather find out what goals you have for your image and what you want to achieve. We can then make sure that the print specifications you have requested are absolutely right.

Once we are clear on your requirements, and have received your image (which needs to be at least 300dpi by the way) then we can make a start. We can even give your image a little bit of a tweak if needed to hide any imperfections.

We will then run some small test prints to make sure the colours are a 100% match with the original image. Only when we are completely happy with this will we print the final version.

The actual print itself can take a while, as the Giclee printing process involves the ink being sprayed onto the paper, so this needs a little time to settle.

Following this, depending on whether you have requested borders or any other finer details, we will accurately trim the print(s) and spend a moment or two admiring the outcome, before safely packaging it up ready for posting. 

Your job then is to receive, unwrap, and proudly display your print for years to come.

If you require any further details on our printing services, please email us at hello@stagetaken.com or give us a call on 02477 103 596.

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